Dental autoclave choosing and using

1 Adoption of sterilizing installation

In China, the dentistry clinic is generally small and dispersed. It is hard to centrally sterilize the instruments. Since the cross infection caused by the oral cavity treatment is increasing, the patients have higher requirement to the medical sterilization. Sterilizing installation has become indispensable daily equipment on the oral cavity clinic.

2 Take full knowledge of great importance of sterilizing the dentistry equipments

In oral cavity treatment,80%- 90% of the patients will bleed on the gum during tooth wash or dental filling. The germina may engender the cross infection between patients by the blood and slobber attached on the equipments.

The optimal sterilization operation recommended by the WHO and CDC is HTHP steam sterilization.

3 The precautions of operating the HTHP steam sterilizer

(1) It should have pre-vacuum function:

The sterilizer with pre-vacuum function can eject the air out of the equipment for ensuring to extinguish the bacteria. So it is very suitable for sterilizing the dental equipments. It can make quickly and accurately quantitative control and slash the deformation to the equipment.

(2) Accuracy and consistency of the temperature:

Accuracy refers to the deviation of the internal temperature and design temperature(as 121℃,134℃)in the sterilizing chamber ;Consistency refers to the temperature deviation between the different directions in the sterilizing chamber. The sterilizer with bad accuracy and consistency may cause unclean sterilization and destroy or deform the equipments

(3) The completeness of the associated equipments:

Sterilizing installation should include ultrasonic cleaner, rinsing machine, capper, distilled water machine and so on. Furthermore, choose the associated equipment with uniform brand as far as possible in order to match the parameters and ensure the good after service.

4 The dimension of the sterilizer

(1)We suggest choosing the sterilizer with 18L or 23L if adopting the instrument bale to whole sterilization.

(2)The customers should select proper volume according to the likely scale of clinic in the future 3-5 years.

Sterilize process

 a cosmetic cleaning

 b ultrasonic cleaning

 c oil-apply & maintain

 d sealing

 e sterilization

 f storage

Disqualified disinfection to the stomatology medical instruments may engender transmission of AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis A and some other diseases. Correct sterilization will not damnify precise instruments, but also disburden the patients.

Only HTHP will sterilize every inch!

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